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Thank you very much for your interest in supporting Kissimmee Park Observatory. I greatly appreciate your interest in even considering to help us reach our goals.

Why We Need Your Help

The production and sustainment of Star Hopping is a significant effort, from both time and cost perspectives. I need some additional funding to be able to sustain and the video production efforts for the video series. Recurring expenses, such as internet and domain hosting, email provider, podcast provider, and digital distribution add up to a significant monthly outlay.

In September 2016 I reduced our publish frequency to one episode every two weeks, because I have found that I can not keep up with a weekly schedule. With more funding I could employ virtual assistants to help produce the series videos, and go back to a weekly or more frequent publishing schedule.

In addition I need to keep up with general maintenance and enhancements in the observatory. One of our initial goals is to raise enough funds to build a bathroom facility at the observatory so that when we hold public observing sessions, we will be able to handle larger groups, for even longer events.

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