The Progressive Perspective - The Orion Syndrome

If you like Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, and Genesis, this one is for you!
This is a collection of the best progressive rock offerings from the Orion Syndrome.
This CD was at one time distributed by Fossil Records, a progressive and instrumental rock distribution company.

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Weather Report
Progressive Rock We're listening to the weather radio, and it's a clear sky forecast! This song definitely have some obvious Rush influence. Lots of cool sound effects (SFX) at the beginning of this one. It starts out kind of jazzy, and picks up after we hear the good report!

Pilgrimage to the Dark Zone
Progressive Rock A major rocker! This one has elaborate B3 organ solos, a sax solo, and multiple guitar solos, climaxing in a Who inspired finale! This portrays the riproaring drive out to the observing site. Gotta beat the sunset!

The Telescopic Machine, Part 2
Progressive Rock We've arrived at the site and have to set up all the equipment. Back in the days when the SFX accompanying this song were recorded, I had a very large scope that took significant effort to assemble. The guitar leads in this one are right out of 1960's Pink Floyd.

The Celestial Show Begins / Meteor Storm
Progressive Rock A complex orchestral piece, complete with tympanis, strings, flutes, and brass, a guitar lead and cool SFX. Transitioning into Meteor Storm is a long SFX section, of someone changing channels on a TV, looking for something interesting (a la "The Wall"!). They stop at the news broadcast of "a comet breaking up". Meteor Storm is the climax of the album, with major guitar leads, cool lyrics, and a great SFX section in the middle with all the "oohs" and "aahs" of the observers watching all the fireballs. What a night it was!

Astral Athlete / Waves of Time
Progressive Rock This song is about strengthening our astral selves, and to gather strength from the world around us, instead of being too busy in our daily lives to think about what is really important. Because if we do not experience life to it's fullest potential, we will quickly find it has passed us by.

Progressive Rock The best overall composition on the album. A neat break in the center gives way to a moody but powerful guitar solo, and a dynamic, complex ending. The lyrics are again excellent, with the hourglass concept being the gate between past and future. Definitely Progressive Rock category material. This song, like Astral Athlete and Waves of Time, has been remixed, with new space guitar lines added. This song was the most popular Orion Syndrome song on MP3.Com, sitting at #2 on the Progressive Rock Charts for over a week.

Space Traveler
Progressive Rock The title track deals directly with the heavy subject matter of a lonely man who is escaping his world, on the brink of a full thermonuclear war. Several plaintive Sax solos add emotion to this somber soundscape. This is one of my favorites - my first fully produced original song!

Castles in the Void
Progressive Rock Another holdover from the Space Traveler album, this one is a futuristic view on the need for solitude. Sometimes we hate to be alone, but in other instances we truly crave it. A cool delayed guitar rhythm and heavy feedback a la Dave Gilmour (remember "Blue Light"?) gives this one a decidedly Floydian feel.

Premonition - Acid Rain
Progressive Rock
Unquestionably the heaviest song I have ever written. A full 10 minutes in length, it deals with the aftermath of a nuclear war. The opus starts out with a long spacey synth intro with bomb explosions, punctuating a somber EWI lead. Acid Rain starts at 2:50. Sax solos and powerful Floydian guitar solos along with the heavy lyrics give this song epic proportions. It got left off of Spacetime because it was too long (and, I thought, a bit too dark & heavy, and somewhat depressing). But now you can hear it.

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