Procyon's Penance - The Orion Syndrome

Procyon's Penance is the 2002 offering from The Orion Syndrome, and is a major progression in their songwriting prowess.
The album is a mix of Progressive Art Rock and World Beat music, with a touch of Science Fiction for good measure.
The title was a play on words - my astronomy company is named Procyon Systems (as in this site),
but during this time I was both having an employment lapse as well as some domestic challenges at home, so I was serving a "penance" as it were.
The symbol of the Tunnel was a metaphor of wandering through the darkness, looking for a light to find a way out.
It is also interesting to note that some of the songs released on this CD were originally from the Orion Starbirth CD.

Procyon's Penance

Song Story & Credits

This song was inspired by the great progrock bands Rush, Pink Floyd, and ELP (and a touch of Supertramp!), and took over three months to craft.
All collaboration with Jim Reindel was done over the internet. I've never actually met him, but I look forward to it someday, somehow.
The song is about being in a tough situation, which is like traveling through a long dark tunnel.
Sometimes you see a light at the end, and just as you begin to hope, it vanishes, and you're left in the dark again.

Dave Hearn: guitars, synths, sequencing and arranging. Jim Reindel: lead guitar.
Copyright 2002, David Hearn


Distorted, spoken words in the central break:

The Tunnel's Dark and Deep in it's Attack...
And I feel I've been Stretched upon the Rack...
I can't see which way's forward or which way's back...
And all that I can See is just Black.

Into the Light

Song Story & Credits

This song portrays the determined resolute feeling of a person who has just gotten out of a tough situation,
and has finally arrived at the Light at the End of the Tunnel. This one is the antithesis of Procyon's Penance.
Although most of it is in a minor key, it has a feeling of relieved triumphance to it.

David Hearn: guitars, wind synth, arranging. Martin Schiff: didgeridoos, cosmic effects.
Copyright 2002, David Hearn



Red Point Sight

Song Story & Credits

This song is a sci-fi escapism song, written in the early 90's, before the Orion Syndrome really came into being.
This was a collaboration effort with Gary Jessel, one of the musicians I was auditioning to form the performing band.
Many of the ideas that came out of this collaboration turned into some of the better OS songs - it's a pity that we didn't work together better.
This one is certainly a cool prog song with a bizarre drum track.

David Hearn: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Production. Gary Jessel: Bass, lyrics, backing vocals.
Copyright 2002, David Hearn


Blood from my hands
Hide the Night - Red Point Sight
And I'm Running the Fields one again
Lights scan the Land
Golden Towers Rise - Shoot the Sky
Take my down to the Riverside
Messages; Signals from a Dream
I can Feel them, drawing Nearer when
my Mind Wanders - in Ghosts I still Believe

Days when We were Together
I wait, I rest and I Dream
Longing Only to Be with You
Should I Finish this, and Face all my Deeds

Long Since the Down
Run so Fast, Run So Far
And Transport me to where there's no Eyes
Energy... Gone
Can't Find Sleep, Troopers Chasing Me
All I need is your Love to Survive
Frozen Point
Make them Stand and then We'll See
I'll Field them, be as One with them
And Go Out as it Really Should Be

Days when We were Together
I watch, I wait, and I Dream
Longing Only to Shelter You
from their Accusations and their Schemes

Take, Take My Hand
Take a Moment
Take the Future...
My eyes a blur of moving forms
I strain to break the dream
So gentle, yet hasty, my captors act
I can't decode their scheme
My concience wakes, anxiety flees
My friends in joyous tears
Return to You by Morning's Light
And End this Time of Fear

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