Getting Tight - Infinity

Most of these recording were at parties and some at the Ocean Club in South Patrick Shores (some great crowds!),
and they showed Infinity at it's best as a rock band. Some of the songs may not have been perfectly executed, but they showed us after we had explored our individual flair, and just started to jell, click, jam, or whatever verb you want to apply!

Original Album
Song Name
Length Genre

Sultans of Swing
Classic Rock
Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits crank out their biggest hit, covered by Bruce and Infinity. Not sure where this was recorded, but it may be a club. Bruce does his excellent Mark Knopler imitation. Not sure what happened to Darryl's first solo there! The second one was good, though! Dave still playing with heavy effects; sounds like a harmonizer and a phaser? The full band: Darryl, Dave, Mike, Bruce, and Rich.
Money for Nothin'
Classic RockSting and Dire Straits sing it, Bruce and Infinity covers it! Bruce's best cover of Dire Straits. Great to hear Mike filling in the synth lines in the back. Dave's vox are a little low, and a little ragged! This was from an outdoor party somewhere in Palm Bay. The full band: Bruce, Darryl, Mike, Rich, Dave.
Feel Like a Number
Classic RockBob Seger's hit of of A Stranger in Town, covered by Infinity. A great version of this one, good solos from both Mike and Dave (Dave's a little loud!). This is mixed pretty well - Bob Virgin the soundman is doing a good job. Full band: Darryl, Dave, Mike, Bruce, Rich
Evil Ways
Classic RockFrom an outdoor party in Palm Bay. This one got REAL loud, and as usual Dave goes bonkers on the solos. Finally, I'm getting a decent guitar sound about now, although the solo is rather sloppy. From an outdoor party in Palm Bay. The never ending song - we can't end it! Dave, Mike, Bruce and Rich.
Johnny B. Goode
Classic RockChuck Berry raises a ruckus in the 50s, covered by Infinity in the 80s. This a good recording of a well played version of this oldie tune. Great vocals by Darryl. Darryl, Dave, Bruce, Rich
The Other Side of Life
Classic Rock The Moody Blues scores a big hit in the late 80's, covered by Dave & Infinity. Halfway good version of this song, vocals are pretty decent. Guitar solos are rough - before I figured out the Telecaster didn't have enough frets to do the top note in the solo! There's that harmonizer again. Dave, Mike, Bruce, and Rich.
Turn the Page (with Bob Virgin)
Classic Rock An interesting cover of Bob Seger's mellow masterpiece, covered by Infinity. Bob Virgin, our soundman sings a verse! This is from a party in Palm Bay. This is a priceless recording! Bob had pretty decent pitch, but had some problems with the lyrics. But everyone enjoyed his debut singing. Oh geez, saxophone with flanger. I never did know when to quit. Bob Virgin, Darryl, Dave, Mike, Bruce, and Rich.
Yellow Brick Road
Classic Rock Elton's title track from the monster 70's album, covered by Mike and Infinity. Really good harmonies on this one, from a party in Palm Bay. Mike, Dave, Darryl, Bruce, & Rich.
We've Got Tonight
Classic Rock Bob' Seger's mellow slow dance song, covered by Darryl & Infinity. From a live party in Palm Bay (Bob Andrews' I believe). Nice mellow version of this Seger song. Man a little reverb would have done this wonders. He he. The full band: Darryl, Dave, Mike, Bruce, & Rich.
Summertime Blues
Classic Rock Pete Townshend & The who covered by Darryl Schick and Infinity. A cool version of this classic rock Who tune. neat harmony by Dave. I like the false ending too. This was at Bob Andrews' outdoor party in Palm Bay. Darryl, Dave, Bruce, & Rich.
The Old Man is Down the Road
Classic Rock An obscure hit by John Fogerty during his 80's comeback, covered by Infinity. A very tight little ditty by the band. I liked the autofilter intro on the guitar, and Darryl did a great job on vocals. Over all a great recording. Darryl, Dave, Bruce, & Rich.
Comfortably Numb 4
Classic Rock The endless Pink Floyd guitar solo covered by Dave & Infinity. Had to put this one on - probably the best version of this one recorded. A little fast, but that's okay. This was at the Ocean Club, with a great crowd. Great scream Darryl! Good harmonies. Decent guitar sound, though I was a little heavy on the whammy bar. About 16 bars too long. he he. The full band: Darryl, Dave, Mike, Bruce, Rich, and the partiers at the Ocean Club.
Saturday Night
Classic Rock Elton's rocker, covered by Infinity. Best version. This a well delivered version of this one. Guitar and piano are balance, Mike having a good time with the lyrics, and a spirited ending. Great bassline by Bruce! This was at a party at Bob Andrews' house. Dave, Mike, Bruce & Rich.
Walkin' on a Thin Line
Classic Rock Huey Lewis & the news' downer hit. The music doesn't fit the lyrics. Covered by Infinity. This one has great harmonies, Mike's cool synth basslines. Darryl turns up the guitar for the second guitar solo! Recorded at an outdoor party at Bob Andrews' house in Palm Bay. The full band: Darryl, Dave, Mike, Bruce, and Rich.
Classic Rock The great hit off of The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, covered well by Darryl & Infinity. The Ocean Club. Again fast, but a great version and a great crowd! Darryl is just crankin, he must have been in a great mood. Sax is pretty decent, and I used the sampling digital delay at the end to recreate the wierd studio ending of the song. You can kinda hear it. Great break in the middle too. The full band: Darryl, Dave, Mike, Bruce, and Rich, and the ocean Club partiers.

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