Fine Tuning - Infinity

By this point the whole band has been together for a bit, and we're fine tuning our craft.
All of these tracks were from a live party at Rich's brother Bob's house, where the band was partying as hard as the listeners!
Consequently some of the songs are pretty wild.

Original Album
Song Name
Length Genre

Assorted Yuks
This is just a group of clips of some of the silly banter that went on at our parties. These clips feature some of the band's following, be they friends or wives or girlfriends. We all had a great time!
One of the big early hits by Elton Jon, covered by Mike and Infinity. This was one of the songs that I really enjoyed doing the harmonies with Mike. Our two voices mixed very well. Darryl introduces Mike as "our new keyboard player" so this may be Mike's first performance with the band.
Harlem Shuffle
Classic Rock
A fairly obscure Stones tune from the 1986, covered by Infinity.
As I recall we got very, very loud that night.
Classic Rock
The big hit from Journey off the Infinity album, covered by Infinity. We always though we should have come out with an album called "Journey"! Here some of the great Infinity harmonies started to take shape. Man, I had a high voice in those days - can't hit any of those notes nowadays. But an absolutely terrible guitar sound. This was the timeframe that I started to play with a lot of effects, mostly inappropriate!
Pink Cadillac
Classic Rock
A great tune by Springsteen, covered by Darryl and Infinity. Another great Springsteen tune led by Darryl - perfect vocal feel. I sure enjoyed playing the sax lines on this one. Odd sound on the sax being miked through my guitar amp. At least it had a good slapback on it.
Pink Houses
Classic Rock
The big John Cougar Mellencamp hit, covered by Infinity. Darryl says "Dog running though the stage?". Just listen to Mike vampin' in the background! Nice harmonies!
Proud Mary
Classic Rock
CCR's huge classic, covered by Dave & Infinity. "Proud Kathy keep on Rollin". Not sure who Kathy was... Lead vocals by Dave.
Rebel Rebel
Classic Rock
David Bowie's classic, covered by Darryl & Infinity. Kind of basic rhythm, good vocals by Darryl, who gets all sweaty. His face was a mess, no kind of success. "Aw, don't put you down, I say you're wrong." He he.
Saturday Night
Classic Rock
A very FAST version of Elton John's great hit off of yellow Brick Road, covered by Mike & Infinity. Mike gets into some rawk in rowl and stresses out his voice, but has great time doing it. This is one of my favorite recorings by the band, even though I started out the song WAY too fast. I just got so excited!! This thing just rocks! WAY Loud. We came off the tracks on this one.
Yellow Brick Road
Classic Rock
Elton's title track from his huge 70's double album, covered by Mike & Infinity. Oh, now here are some interesting harmonies. This is the type of song that set Infinity apart from some of the other local bands in Melbourne and Palm Bay.

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