Coming of Age - Infinity

With the addition of Mike Lenoir to the lineup, Infinity's vocals rose several notches in quality.
We started to experiment with three part harmonies, and Mike's keyboard allowed me to put down my guitar and pick up the sax.
Later on Bruce Moia added the power to the bottom end to round us out as a pop / rock band. Bruce's vocals added quite a bit of versatility.

Original Album
Song Name
Length Genre

Just the Way You Are
The great hit from Billy Joel, with the famous sax solo that Dave couldn't resist. A great cover by Infinity. This is a great recording from Rich's garage, after the addition of Mike on keys. Bruce's bass is missing. A nice sax solo if I do say so myself, although a little marginal on a couple of high notes! Hear those harmonies by Mike & Dave in the background? Darryl, Mike, Dave, & Rich.
Middle of the Road
Classic Rock
A cover of the Pretender's big 80's hit. Dave tries to cover Chrissie Hynde. Recorded at a party at Dave Hollis' house. This was a song that I brought to the band from the Bogo Band days. Bruce is part of the band here. It's funny to see the lyrics online nowadays - I really was off in some cases! Oh well - we didn't have Google in those days. Darryl, Mike, Dave, Rich, & Bruce.
My Hometown
Classic Rock Another great Bruce song (Springsteen, not Moia), played by Infinity. Recorded in Rich's garage. Again pre-Bruce, as the bottom is noticeably missing. Nice version of this song. Darryl, Mike, Dave, Rich.
Classic Rock Another version of the Venture's surf anthem, covered by Infinity. This was the "Introduce the Band" song, where Dave always played too long. Geez. Sorry guys. Bruce's first live gig with Infinity! The party crowd live on! The full band: Darryl, Mike, Dave, Rich, & Bruce, along with the Infinity partiers.
R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.
Classic Rock One of the classic bar band songs, John Cougar's rock staple, covered by Infinity. Recorded at a party at Dave Hollis' house. The full band - Darryl, Mike, Dave, Bruce, and Rich.
Smuggler's Blues
Classic Rock On a solo effort away from the Eagles, Glenn Frey comes up with a big hit, covered by Infinity. Another recording from Dave Hollis' yard party. Darryl, Dave, Mike, Rich, & Bruce, as well as the Infinity partiers.
So Far Away
Classic Rock Dire Straits' mellow hit, covered by Infinity. Bruce sings lead! From Dave Hollis' yard party. Bruce's girlfriend Dana adds color to this excellent recording! Good thing she added her comments in the background, because my feeble mind would have never remembered her name. Lots of partiers partying in the background here. I used to just set up a cassete deck with a mic at these gigs, so sometime there are some hilarious conversations picked up! The full band: Darryl, Mike, Bruce, Dave, and Rich. Bruce on lead vocals. Silly comments by Dana Smith.
Suffragette City
Classic Rock David Bowie's punky classic rock hit, covered by Infinity. Recorded at Dave Hollis' yard party. The full band - Darryl, Mike, Dave, Bruce, & Rich. And of course the Infinity partiers.
Turn the Page
Classic Rock Bob Seger's haunting sax song, covered by Infinity. Recorded at Dave Hollis' outdoor party. Darryl, Mike, Dave, Rich, Bruce.
Twist & Shout
Classic Rock A huge Beatles hit, covered by Infinity. From the Dave Hollis outdoor party. I don't know how we got away with doing this and not have the police come! Dave Hollis on rhythm guitar. The full band: Darryl, Mike, Dave, Rich, Bruce. Dave sings lead.

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