25 Year Reunion - Infinity

On Saturday, December 29th, 2012, the members of Infinity collected in Palm Bay. FL at Rich Andrews' house for a great 25 year reunion.
It was really great to be together and playing again after so long.
We were able to get through a lot of songs, and some of them even had their old band sound!
Here are a few songs from the evening, and one long sampler. These are all available as videos on Darryl's YouTube channel.

Original Album
Song Name
Length Genre

Behind Blue Eyes
Classic Rock
Nice version of Pete Townshend's rock anthem, with nice string fillings from Spencer. Vocals are interesting! Well, Darryl sounded good, anyway!

Comfortably Numb
Classic Rock
This one really sounded just like the old days. The 12 string sounded good in the verses, and Spencer's strings made us sound even better than the old days. Vocals were pretty good - maybe there was some rehearsing going on at home beforehand?? Great scream.  :-P Long slapback on the vocals from the soundmen! Lots of clangers in the last solo, but now too bad after all. I didn't even play too long!
Classic Rock
Mike cranked this one out! Spencer provided some nice backing strings and the great central solo. Dave did some 12 string fillins. The harmonies were really great to sing, because I always loved harmonizing with Mike on this one. He even sang the high "headed for Spain" - in the old days he always said "harmonize THAT!". Overall this one was just wonderful.
I Don't Like Mondays
Classic Rock
We don't have a recording of this one from the old days, so it's great to get this one here. Darryl did a great job on the vocals - clearly he and Mike have held on to their voices over the years! This one was perfectly executed, right down to the tempo dynamics. Perfect guys!
Rocket Man
Classic Rock
This one was a pleasure to listen to.
Mike does very well as a pure piano man.
Dave tries to harmonize, with the emphasis on the word "try".  :-P
Saturday Night and a Few Things We Almost Got Right
Classic Rock
Turn the Page - decent sax lines except for the attempts at the high notes! Decent version - every bit as good as the old days. I missed the high notes then too. :-)
- might be a good idea to review a song at least once before trying to play it! It fell apart in the solo. 
Money for Nothin
- great to hear Bruce singing again! Spencer did a great job with the synth lines on this. I think we forgot how to end the song! The harmonies were nice though.
Just the Way You Are
- somewhat decent harmonies, nice string lines by Spencer. Sax lines were pretty good except for the high notes. 
What I Link About You
- with guest Harpist Dave Hollis who does a great central solo! Good harmonies.
Beatles Medley
- we couldn't remember the transitions, but the songs themselves were pretty good with the old harmonies showing up again.
- this was a hoot! I actually hit the high notes this time. Really very good!
- a pretty good version - we must have goofed up a bit in the middle. The breaks were a little loose, but not bad after 25 years!
Twist and Shout
- interesting vocals, sounded pretty good.
Saturday Night
- Mikes vocals were spot on as usual! We always played this so fast, but this time it was the perfect tempo. And as usual the end got a little bonkers!
It was an amazing night and brought back some great feelings.

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